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Is your current website running WordPress, but looking a bit dated? Are you having trouble updating your WordPress software due to incompatibility issues with your current WordPress theme? Does your current WordPress website have functionality issues? A new custom WordPress theme from Web312 can solve your issues.

Our WordPress Redesign services will retool and refresh your existing WordPress website. With updated software, and a modern new design, your company website will be secure, functional, modern, and conversion friendly.

The WordPress Redesign Process

Changing your WordPress theme can be simple, or quite complex. There are many factors to consider. What version of WordPress are you currently running? What plugins and widgets are is your website leveraging? What customization have been made to your existing theme and software? We use a tried and true process to determine exactly what is needed, and how to proceed, to ensure there are no surprises with your WordPress redesign project.

Our Goal for Your WordPress Redesign

We want to help you update the look and feel of your existing WordPress website, with a custom design that is unique to you. We design some of the very best WordPress sites on the web. We can take your existing WordPress website, update the software, make sure everything is functioning properly, that everything is secure, and most importantly, make your website look great, with improved usability and conversion-oriented design.

Our Process

We have developed a fine-tuned process to ensure our client’s are delivered the best results possible, in a timely and efficient manner.

Discovery and Testing

In determining the scope of your project, we will make a duplicate copy of your existing website, and move it to a development server for analysis and testing.  Testing your website on in a development environment allows us to dig deep, break things, and discover all the design and development requirements necessary to reskin your WordPress website.

Goal Assessment

With our discovery complete, we will layout our findings, and work directly with you to determine your goals for the project.  At this point, we will know what is possible, and can discuss any potential challenges that we may face in updating the theme of your WordPress website.  When we are finished laying out the goals for the WordPress redesign, we will have a fully formed design and development plan in place, and can present you a final quote for the project.

Create a Development Environment

In our discovery, we have determined what is possible.  Whether we can simply reskin your existing WordPress website, or whether it will be simpler to rebuild your content and functionality on a fresh install of the software.   Basically, our goal here is to set up a development environment that is as functionally sound as possible.  One that presents the best possible starting point for our developers to implement a new custom theme into a fully-functioning, updated WordPress system.

Custom WordPress Theme Design

We are ready to produce new designs.  Depending on the scope of the project, as set in our goal assessment, we will present new custom designs for the homepage of the website, and any number of interior pages needed.  We will work through a process, collecting feedback from you, in order to optimize the new theme design until you are happy.

Wordpress Theme Implentation

When you have approved the designs for you new WordPress theme, we will slice the raw PSDs, and code the layouts, styles and graphics into WordPress.

Quality Assurance

With the new theme design coded, your WordPress redesign project is near completion.  We will fully test the navigation and functionality of the new website, ensuring all of the pages we developed are tight, and all functionality and linking is working well.

Launch Your New Website

When quality assurance has been completed successfully, and any and all bugs discovered have been resolved, we will move the new website to your server, putting the new site live on your domain. With the new site live, we will again test the site to ensure all layouts remain in place, and all links continue to work well.

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