WordPress Landing Pages and Microsites


A landing page is a single web page built to deliver a highly targeted marketing message around a specific company, product or service. At Web312, we design and develop landing pages and microsite strategies that clearly deliver your message to its’ intended audience. Leverage landing pages and microsites in your next pay-per-click and search engine marketing campaigns to drive conversions, increase sales, and maximize the returns on your internet marketing investments.

Landing Pages for SEO

One of the biggest benefits of developing landing pages and microsites is the ability to target a single web page to a specific keyword or keyword phrase that represents a product or service offered by your company. Each page can then be optimized for a primary keyword, allowing you to target volumes of potential lucrative search queries. With a web page in place representing each and every possible keyword phrase that represents your business, products and services, you are well ahead of the curve. More web pages, uniquely targets, individually optimized, reaching more and more potential customers.

Using WordPress for Landing Pages and Microsites

When we design and develop landing pages and microsites for clients, we almost always use WordPress. Developing the landing pages into WordPress allows our clients to easily add, edit and manage the content on each landing page. WordPress also incorporates easy-to-use search engine optimization tools to help with on-page SEO efforts.

Add WordPress Landing Pages and Microsites to Your Marketing Mix

Speak with a web consultant at Web312 to get started today with WordPress landing pages and microsites. We’ll help you develop a strategy and a set of potential keywords and keyword phrases to target. We can use the design and layouts of your current site, or design a completely new custom theme specifically for use in your landing pages and microsites. We’ll also offer you copywriting and content development services, as well as custom lead form development.

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