Hacked WordPress Website Recovery

Recover and Clean Your Hacked Website Fast

Has your WordPress website been defaced, or infected with malware? Web312’s hacked WordPress website recovery services will scan your code and database for malicious viruses and code signatures. Once found, we will work to remove all infections, while eliminating the vulnerabilities that contributed to the hack. With your website function and layout has been restored, we’ll take all necessary measures to ensure your WordPress website is secure, and running well.

We’ll Clean and Secure Your WordPress Website

When you hire Web312 to recover your hacked website, we’ll take your site offline. We’ll work in tandem with your hosting provider to ensure the infected code base is quarantined, and is no longer delivering spam or malicious viruses to end users. With the website quarantined, we’ll work with Google Webmaster Tools to determine the extent of the attack, and dig into the code base to identify infected files. Once we have assessed the damage, and identified the vulnerabilities, we can work to remove the infection, eliminating malicious code, and patching any security vulnerabilities that are discovered.

Keep Your WordPress Website Hack-Free

The internet can be a malicious environment. Hacks happen, and can not only cause stress, but damage your business. If you’ve been hacked, you understand the frustration. When cleaning a hacked website, we advise all of our clients on basic security measures that can be taken to keep their websites clean and secure at all times. In addition to hacked website recovery services, we do offer systematic WordPress updates, and WordPress security solutions designed to reduce vulnerabilities, keeping your WordPress website hack-free.

If you’re website has been hacked, and you are needing assistance, please reach out to us today. Web312 is based in Chicago, IL, and can be reached via live chat, or by telephone at 312.348.7244.


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