Lead Generation Software

Lead Generation Software

Every Visitor To Your Website Is Potentially a New Lead
Web312 brings you a lead generation solution designed to turn every visitor to your website into a warm lead.

Did you know only two percent of visitors to your website will contact you directly? Many of these visitors are genuinely interested in your products and services. If only you had a chance to speak with them directly.

With our lead generation software, you can identify the contact information for every visitor to your website in real time. Track and monitor a visitor’s behavior as they navigate your website, and pass along real time data to your salesforce. Turn website visitors into hot leads. Armed with accurate contact information, your salesforce can convert browsers to buyers quickly.

How Does Your Lead Generation Software Work?

Our lead generation software is simple to integrate, and delivers real time data within a simple user interface that allows you to easily assign leads to your salesforce. With a single line of javascript added to each of your web pages, the software is fully integrated. This literally takes a couple minutes to complete.

What Data Does Your Lead Generation Software Provide?

Leveraging IP-tracking technology, our references publicly available data to retrieve accurate contact information for each visitor to your company’s website. Once up and running, simply login to our web-based client dashboard, and you will be able to view contact information and visit history for every user that finds your website.

Data provided by our software includes:

  • Business Name
  • Business Phone
  • Business Address
  • Website Address
  • Industry SIC Code
  • Referral Source
  • Pages visited

Is This Software Legal?

Yes, our lead generation software complies with the Data Protection Act. The software is pulling publicly available data. Use of the software does not violate any provisions of the new cookie law. The lead generation software is built to use IP tracking for identifying visitors. The software does not use cookies. All of the methods we use to collect and deliver user data are 100% legal.

How Do I Get Started?

Web312 brings our clients access to one of the most effective lead generation tools available on the market today. Contact us directly to discuss your options, and get setup with a free trial of the software.

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