Local Landing Pages

Reach The Local Markets You Serve

Your service areas expand to cities and towns where you don’t have a physical business location, making it difficult for your business to rank well in Google’s map-driven, local search results. Ranking organically for the geographic keyword phrases representing your products and services in these local markets is your only option. Web312’s local landing pages can help you.

With local landing pages, we work to organically rank landing pages targeted to the local markets you serve. Using a combination of unique copywriting, geographically focused keyword phrases, and on-page SEO best practices, we can have you in the SERPs for all of the service areas your business reaches.

What Are Local Landing Pages?

Local landing pages are simply search engine optimized, custom web pages. The goal is to develop a single web page targeting a single unique keyword phrase for each and every local market your business reaches. Each landing page targets a single keyword phrase developed by incorporating a specific geographic area with a specific product or service.

The purpose of local landing pages is to organically rank web pages, giving your business increased visibility in those markets for which it is difficult to appear in local search results. If you do not have a physical business location in a city, local landing pages can be an effective search engine marketing strategy, helping your business reach consumers in all the local markets you do business in.

Our Process for Local Landing Pages

We have delivered thousands of local landing pages for our clients. This experience has allowed us to develop and optimize a systematic process that deliver results.

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Optimized Landing Pages

Identify Local Markets

We’ll work with you to identify all of the geographic locations your business reaches. Our goal is to put together a complete list of cities and towns where your customers live.

Define Primary Products and Services

Your business may offer more than one primary product and service. We can develop a set of local landing pages for each and every product and service you provide. We will work with you define a set of product and service related keywords to use in the development of your local landing pages.

Prioritize Keyword List

With the cities list defined, and the products and services keywords determined, we have a complete list of keyword phrases to target. We will prioritize the list using a number of factors including market size, and keyword competition.

Write Unique, Keyword-Rich Copy

With the keyword list prioritized, we will take a top down approach in developing unique, keyword rich copy for each of our local landing pages. We will also work to gather relevant imagery to assist with search engine optimization.

Design and Develop Landing Pages

When our content is in place, we will begin the development of your local landing pages. Most clients develop their local landing pages with the same layouts and designs used in their primary company site. Upon request, we can provide a unique custom design for your landing pages.

Execute On-Page SEO Best Practices

With the pages designed and developed, our professional team of SEOs will apply on page SEO techniques, optimizing URLS, title tags, meta descriptions, headings, image tags, page copy, and contextual schemas as needed.

Host Landing Pages

We will host all of the landing pages on your web server, either on your primary domain, or on a new keyword domain.

Setup Anchor Links

Using the keyword phrase targeted on each local landing page, we will setup anchor links within the web pages of your primary company website.

Tracking and Reporting

It generally takes Google a week or two to begin indexing the new local landing pages. We will setup analytics on the pages to know how they are performing in the SERPs, and how much traffic the pages are driving.

Social Signals and Link Building

To improve the rankings of your landing pages, we can execute social media and link building campaigns to improve the prominence of your local landing pages. Additional costs apply.


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