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How Does a Website Plugin Affect My WordPress Website

how does a website plugin affect my wordpress website

Adding a website plugin can be a real asset, game changer, and can possibly make the website so much better.

On the other hand, that is not the case for every website plugin. Make sure that you do some research on a plugin for your website before you add it in. Why? Well, because there are some plugins that are not developed well and can ruin your website.

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The Only Difference is Your Website Drives 24/7

Midway through 2015, it is evident hackers globally are going to continue disrupting whatever they can on the Internet. Nobody can afford their website to get blocked by the search engines or be offline. Most hosting company do not take responsibility for the actual website files. In fact, they take websites offline immediately once jeopardized.


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Simple WordPress Security Guidelines You Need To Follow

WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world, running close to 19% of all websites online1, a figure that continues to grow.  The WordPress CMS has achieved wide-spread popularity due to its’ ease of use, extensive development resources, and a massive open-source community loyally dedicated to the support and improvement of the software. (more…)

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Hacked Website Services Chicago

If your website has ever been hacked before, you know what a headache it can be to get your site cleaned up and back on track. Even worse, the residual effects of compromised security may linger after the site is safe and secure again; lower positioning in search results, less traffic, and losing trust from your user base can cause problems well after the hacking takes place. What this means is that if your site gets hacked, the problem must be taken care of quickly and efficiently to help avoid any negative consequences.



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Has Your Website Been Hacked?
Web312 Can Restore Your Website, and Fast

The threat of having your website hacked is more real than ever. The hacker’s ability to spread malware and viruses through websites is growing, as seen by the high profile hackings of the United Nations, Facebook, and Twitter. The interconnectivity that is social media and Web 2.0 only makes it easier for hackers to affect more people, yet having your website optimized for social media is essential for doing business on the web. And whether or not your website is attacked would seem a matter of circumstance, as hackers are defacing and violating various types of websites. They steal information from wherever they can, and for a variety of purposes and reasons. Some new groups of hackers claim to be defacing and infecting websites as a means for social change. Some do it out of spite. Some do it to steal your information. The frightening truth is that no website is off-limits to hackers.



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Website Being Hacked and How Web312 Can Help

Many website owners are not aware that “70% of websites are at immediate risk of being hacked!”  Cyber criminals and hackers tend to target websites with vulnerabilities.  There are ways to protect yourself against hacker attacks and harmful intrusions.  It means doing more than just installing a traditional firewall to protect your website.  It means going above and beyond to ensure your website and company information is always secure.  At Web312, we take website security very seriously and we have designed a simple plan to help protect your website.



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