Why SEO?

The question actually is why not SEO? SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is necessary for any business to incorporate into theirwebsite. SEO is the process of naturally (organically) increasing the visibility and ranking of a website or individual web pages within the site on search engines by adding keyword-rich content to the site and technical coding. Adding backlinks or inbound links by promoting the website also helps to increase SEO.Many may argue that SEO is dying and eventually will be obliterated due to the increase of SEM, Search Engine Marketing, also known as pay-per-click advertising. Though SEM is important to utilize, not to mention a “cash cow” for the search engines, it is not more important than SEO. They go hand in hand.

While SEM can be tracked and monitored, SEO is a bit more complicated but worth the added work. Great SEO is an art. A business needs to hire an experienced web savvy writer to create the content that will ultimately help increase their page rank. Ideally, the best writers are already working with a web design firm or can show proof of how they’ve helped increase other business’ organic ranking. Below are some SEO tips to follow:

  • Unique, well-written content rich focusing on specific keywords is necessary.
  • Have a solid amount of quality backlinks linked to your website that are specific to your industry – Quality backlinkingwill also build authority. REMEMBER: Quality not quantity.
  • Consistently update your website with fresh content. Search spiders on all search engines look for website relevancy through how active a business is on their site. Don’t create duplicate content on multiple sites because this will force search engines to knock you to the bottom of the list. No cheating!
  • Design your website with keeping SEO in mind. Discuss SEO with your web designer so your site will built incorporating SEO within it.
  • Avoid using Frames, Flash, AJAX – It’s impossible to link to any page and will show up blank by search engines.
  • To optimize your blog posts, optimize your post title tag separately from your blog title.
  • Adding a location to text and utilizing search phrases instead of single keywords will help increase your local SEO.
  • Have a site that is easy to sift through and is consumer-friendly.
  • Social Media can increase your SEO. Get with it and create fan pages on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc.

These are just a few tips in the ever-evolving SEO world. To learn more, contact your local web design company to get the ball rolling on increasing your organic ranking!

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Debating If You Need a New Website or Not?

So often, many business owners think that owning a website is a one-time purchase and that no upkeep needs to be done. Many businesses have been around for years so it’s quite a leap, though a necessary leap, to move to branding your business on the internet. Whether you choose to like it or not, the internet is taking over the world and for your business to stay current and searchable, you need to be on the web. So great, you made the move and bought a website. Nothing fancy, no bells and whistles, but at least you can be found now. Right? Wrong.

Your website sets the tone for what kind of business you are running. If your website is a few years old and looks outdated, it may turn potential customers away. People are now very technologically-savvy and want to see that the businesses they are giving their money to are staying up on the trends as well. Think about it, would you want to walk into a store front or call on a business that had an outdated website with un-engaging photos and not much information? We are part of a very fast-paced, quick decision society and if potential customers visit your website and jump right off, you have a serious problem on your hands.

An engaging website should not be too flashy, too boring, or ancient-looking. It should be clean, easy to read and find what you’re looking for, but still have an overall warm and friendly tone to it. Customers want to be able to see what services you offer, fill out a contact form (some people don’t like feeling pressured to have to call), read testimonials, if you are on any social media sites like Facebook and Twitter updating your fans and followers of any promotions or latest pieces of news happening within your business – All of these things matter when owning a website. The more you engage your potential customer, the better your chances of turning them into a loyal customer for life.

It’s not difficult to maintain your website. Many web design companies offer a maintenance package, where they will update your site with current information you provide them. Update photos to stay relevant with the time period we’re living in now and any other information that may have changed in your business. It doesn’t look good if you have changed services or prices in your business and haven’t made the adjustments on your website. Stay consistent and follow through with that consistency on your website and you will notice positive growth in your business.

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Mobile Websites

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February 2012 Latest Works

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January 2012 Latest Works

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2011 Attorney/Law Portfolio

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Websites launched in December by Web312!

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Happy Holidays!

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20+ websites launched in November by Web312!

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Web312 expanding to cater to Wisconsin market

CHICAGO, Dec 8 — Chicago-based web design company Web312 today announced the launch of its new office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Heading up Web312’s Milwaukee office will be Greg Kochman of Milwaukee. Greg Kochman has worked in the industry for over 5 years and got his start doing for himself in 2005 and has been managing web development projects ever since.

“I’m pleased to announce that Web312 has expanded into the Milwaukee area,” /said Web312 President Josh Singer. / “Web312 has experienced immense growth over the last few years and I am excited about our newest venture—bringing high-quality web services to the Milwaukee market.”

Web312 is listed as a leading web design agency by Best Web Design Agencies, an organization that identifies and ranks the top web design agencies in the nation. Web312 has been in operation for the past ten years, and has grown exponentially since its launch in 2003.

Web312’s client base is comprised of many different types of businesses, including health care organizations, the service industry, governmental entities, home improvement, and law firms, just to name a few. Web312 has a full suite of web services designed to address the needs of all types of clients from developing small to medium-sized business websites to fully-managed online marketing campaigns.

For more information on Web312’s Milwaukee division, email Josh or Website Inquiries.