Web312 Newest Websites – July 2017


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Our Latest Work – June 2017


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Our Latest Work – April 2017


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SSL Certificate Installation by Web312


Although it is true that an SSL Certificate alone will not secure your entire website, the critical importance of one cannot be overstated. It is a very important piece of overall web security. What the certificate does basically is encrypt data while it is in transit. When someone visits your company’s website, a connection is made between their computer/server and the server that your website is hosted on. Third parties could potentially intercept this data. So the SSL Certificate encrypts this data to protect both sides from having their information compromised. The details are somewhat more complex, but for the purpose of this blog the above description should suffice.


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Install Your SSL Certificate Now!


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Proactive Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt Your Website

As a company who has undergone website projects both large and small for several years, we at Web312 have been through different phases of web development and website trends. A couple of years ago, Web312 saw a huge shift in the amount of websites that went from being managed by developers to being managed by content writers with the assistance of Content Management Platforms and tools such as WordPress. Giving content writers the ability to publish his or her own content is a wonderful gift but with all of the power in the hands of the content developers is quite easy to forget that websites still need continuing maintenance. In fact, content managed websites need even much more than your old school static websites due to the technology that allows you to make those content changes such as with text, images and videos.


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Our Latest Work – December 2016


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Holiday Social Covers by Web312

Increase Your Digital Asset Presence & Don't Stop.

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Happy Holidays Facebook Cover Photos













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SSL Certificates Installed by Web312

The perks of purchasing an SSL certificate with Web312 is that we are able to install it for you at a much lower price without any hassles or concerns that you may have with other web site developers and providers. If you think about it, when you launch your business online, there are several things to contemplate about. It is not simply just the style and functionality of the business’ website that you need to think about. You need to think about the security and technicalities of your business’ website too. An SSL certificate is one of the many features that can be added to a business website. It helps protect your sensitive information and keep customer’s sensitive information when purchasing an item.


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