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Making sure your web site is designed to be responsive is one of the most important characteristics for any business. We will go through the importance of that decision throughout this blog post, but first let’s spend a bit of time explaining what exactly it means when a web page is “responsive.”


What Makes a Responsive Web Site?

First of all, let’s think about the different customers, clients, potential leads, or visitors might visit your company’s page on a daily basis. Sure, many of them will be using a desktop based computer, running various browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or others. But increasingly, the majority of web traffic is not coming through on mobile devices. Think iPhones, Androids, iPads and other tablets – some people even use Blackberry believe it or not! Think about how time consuming and expensive it would be if your company’s web site, including each and every page, needed a separate design to display correctly on the visitor’s device! Having a responsive web site eliminates the need for this: the web design allows your page to detect which device/screen size the using is employing, and ‘respond’ with the correct layout.

What that means, is that whatever device someone comes to your web site, whatever screen size they are using, and whichever direction (up and down, or sideways) they employ, your page will display correctly, making it easy to navigate, and less troublesome. People browse around the web quickly, so if the page loads in a manner that makes it hard to read or get around – most people will just click off the page. That is a potential lost sale for you, as the business owner! Make sure your website is responsive, to make it easy on your visitors, and ultimately bring you more sales and future business.

WordPress Responsive Web Design – Web312 Has Your Solution

At Web312, we recommend in most cases, for most people and businesses, to use WordPress for the design of our page. The reason for that is the interface is quick intuitive and easy to use, even without having a lot of web design experience yourself. If you are able to go and make certain changes or updates to your page on your own, without needing a web design company like Web312 to do it for you – you will save money and get little jobs done faster. Of course, we are always available to help in any way that you need! Part of our web design plan, after making you a great site, is to train you a little bit on how to do some of these simple changes. The methods are straightforward and simple to do for anyone with some computer familiarity, and we will as discussed always be available for extra coaching or to answer questions. We want you to be in control of keeping your page looking great, as your products change or you need to make updates to the business.

Keep Content Fresh with Responsive Web Pages

The newer, and current, updated content you have on your page, the higher you rank in the search engines, since they prioritize new content over content that is several years old. That’s part of why we train clients to update their own pages using the easy WordPress format – it keeps you on top of the search engines longer, ultimately resulting in more traffic and business for you!

Web312 – Your Go-To Source for a Great Website for Your Business

Contact Web312 today to make sure your company’s page is maximizing traffic and sales – we make awesome responsive WordPress web pages that really helps you put your best foot forward. The first few seconds that a visitor is on your page can make or break the sale! Make it easy on the customer with a responsive web page that looks good on any device, browser, or screen size. Contact us today!

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Web312 Newest Websites – July 2017


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Our Latest Work – June 2017


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Our Latest Work – April 2017


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SSL Certificate Installation by Web312


Although it is true that an SSL Certificate alone will not secure your entire website, the critical importance of one cannot be overstated. It is a very important piece of overall web security. What the certificate does basically is encrypt data while it is in transit. When someone visits your company’s website, a connection is made between their computer/server and the server that your website is hosted on. Third parties could potentially intercept this data. So the SSL Certificate encrypts this data to protect both sides from having their information compromised. The details are somewhat more complex, but for the purpose of this blog the above description should suffice.


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Install Your SSL Certificate Now!


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Proactive Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt Your Website

As a company who has undergone website projects both large and small for several years, we at Web312 have been through different phases of web development and website trends. A couple of years ago, Web312 saw a huge shift in the amount of websites that went from being managed by developers to being managed by content writers with the assistance of Content Management Platforms and tools such as WordPress. Giving content writers the ability to publish his or her own content is a wonderful gift but with all of the power in the hands of the content developers is quite easy to forget that websites still need continuing maintenance. In fact, content managed websites need even much more than your old school static websites due to the technology that allows you to make those content changes such as with text, images and videos.


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Our Latest Work – December 2016


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Holiday Social Covers by Web312

Increase Your Digital Asset Presence & Don't Stop.

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Happy Holidays Facebook Cover Photos













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