Social Media Best Practices 2015 and Beyond

social media best practices 2015 and beyond

Social media is an indispensable business tool that executives can no longer ignore. But like companies themselves, social changes almost as quickly as the weather because it is a living, breathing entity that drives profitability, builds a brand, and fosters customer loyalty.

And because social media evolves, a company needs to evolve with it. If someone’s leadership does not understand this, then his or her social media team or Internet marketing vendor has a mandate to educate and create awareness of trends and best practices so there are no embarrassing mishaps that affect the bottom line.


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Let’s Go Surfing Now: Hang 10 with a New Website

Let s go surfing now  Hang 10 with a new website

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Steps for Making your WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly

steps for making your wordpress site mobile-friendly

A little more than 20 years ago, mobile phones were solely used to make calls. SMS debuted in 1992, but the first text message-capable phone did not hit the market until 1997. The first-generation iPhone debuted in mid-1997; Android-based mobiles a short time later. Today, of course, a mobile phone is a technological powerhouse with nearly 7 billion in service worldwide. Even “value” brands offer phones that can do nearly anything you can think of, with new capabilities introduced each year.

If you have a website powered by WordPress, you need to make sure it is optimized for mobile use. Why? Because as unbelievable as it sounds, not every mobile phone user lives and breathes the latest Apple, Android, or even Microsoft Phone apps. Instead, billions of these devices are used to simply access and browse the Web.


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7 Trending Apps to Enjoy the Summer

content marketing trends

We are delving deep into the summer days and nights. Anticipate how much we will be enjoying the sizzling summer’s sun and glorious weather. What is better than to have some sweet, productive iOS and Android apps to help you enjoy the summertime even more? No matter what you have planned whether it be working, internship, classes or going on vacation, we have put together for you our top 7 trending apps to use for the summer. Relax and stay switched-on!


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The Only Difference is Your Website Drives 24/7

Midway through 2015, it is evident hackers globally are going to continue disrupting whatever they can on the Internet. Nobody can afford their website to get blocked by the search engines or be offline. Most hosting company do not take responsibility for the actual website files. In fact, they take websites offline immediately once jeopardized.


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Heating Up: Our latest work


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Content Marketing Trends for 2015

content marketing trends

One of the worst things any business can do is limit their Content Marketing efforts to just one platform. Some chief executive officers or chief marketing officers restrict their marketing campaigns to just radio spots or after-hours advertising on their local cable stations, for instance. But what about email campaigns? What about websites or social media – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram? And do not under-estimate the value of limited print campaigns.


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Follow These Tips For Social Media Marketing Success

social media marketing

To stay relevant in competitive marketplaces, today’s business leaders must build an online presence for their company, brand, product, service, or event. But, if you build it, will they really come? It depends on how successful your company is in regards to Social Media Marketing.


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Healthcare Website Design Portfolio

healthcare website design chicago

Web312 helps healthcare organizations and healthcare-related businesses with website design, web development, and internet marketing services.  We have worked with large hospitals, medical groups, and private practices, delivering some of the very best healthcare website designs to a long list of successful and happy clients.

Healthcare Website Design Portfolio

Have a look at our healthcare website design portfolio to see some of the work we have done for clients in the healthcare space.  We have worked with surgeons, primary care physicians, dermatologists, dentists, pediatric therapists, women’s health practitioners, and more.

Click to view our healthcare web design portfolio

Our experience working with healthcare professionals has given us a good understanding of the design features and information architectures required to produce a high quality healthcare website.

Responsive Website Design and Development by Web312

Choose Web312 to design and develop your new healthcare website, and we will deliver to you a completely custom website design, developed with responsive style sheets, and built in WordPress, the internet’s most complete content management solution.   Your new website will look great on all devices, from desktops to tablets to mobile phones, and will meet Google’s mobile-friendly website requirements.

To get a project started, reach out to a Web312 Web Consultant today.  Contact us via live chat, or by telephone at (312) 348-7244

Web312 is a Chicago, IL based digital agency focused on custom web design, responsive WordPress themes and development, and internet marketing services designed to help businesses of all sizes reach and convert targeted audiences online.

Web312, Inc.
2850 N. Pulaski
Chicago, IL 60450
(312) 348-7244

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Happy Mother’s Day from Web312!


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