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Converting a website to WordPress or having a website built custom in WordPress format is a great decision to taking charge of handling your website. If you happen to be technologically un-savvy, it can be quite frustrating to have to constantly contact your web developer to make updates to your site. At some point, you want to be able to manage your own site and not have to wait for a call back and then be charged a maintenance fee to make an update to your site.

Having your website built in WordPress allows you to truly maintain, update, and have full control of what goes on and off your site. It’s quite simple to do once you have the formal training to manage your website yourself. It’s important to know how to work a WordPress website. If you don’t, you’ll give up quickly on managing the site, leaving you in the same place you were before – with a static website.

Luckily there are web design companies that will train you on WordPress and how to work your way around the backend of your website quickly and efficiently. Here are a few things you will learn how to do with WordPress:

  1. How to make updates to your website whether adding a promotion or sale, changing content, or adding more/taking away information.
  2. How to connect to Social Media via your website. This includes socializing and adding sharing promotions and news via your site to places like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  3. You can see how many visitors you are getting to your site and how many page views you have – where people are going once reaching your website.
  4. You can get creative and tailor your new website to fit your business’ personality.
  5. Immediate access and availability to your site!

Web312, based in Chicago, IL, are experts at building websites in custom WordPress. The front end of the websites look beautiful and unique, but on the backend the websites are easy to maneuver and change. President, Josh Singer, stated, “My team of web designers offer easy training on WordPress. Our clients get trained quickly and are happy to be able to manage their sites on their time. Everyone wins!” Bottom line? There is no excuse not to have a WordPress site. It will make managing your business online much easier.

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