SSL Certificate Updates 2018

Continuing to resurface for all websites is having your site be HTTPS, through having an SSL Certificate installed on your website’s domain name.

Google Chrome has pressed this, for 4 years.
Chrome has made it a priority to let all website visitors know when a website is NOT SECURE & doesn’t have an SSL Certificate installed.

Our 1st intel on this was in 2014 that can be viewed here.

There has never been a more pivotal time, to install an SSL Certificate, to be HTTPS.
Without an SSL Certificate the website visitors experience & overall time on site are cut short.

We understand after many years of having a website online, for business we haven’t had to have an SSL Certificate and it feels forced.

It is by Google Chrome who accounts for 78% of internet browsing daily.

An SSL Certificate elevates the level of your website’s overall security directly affecting the website visitors or browser’s experience.

More website visitors are leaving websites within seconds if it shows its UNSECURE.
This increases the bounce rate which negatively impacts everything that follows.

The full price, for purchasing and installing an SSL is
$194.99 For 1 year or $280.00 For 2 years.

You can purchase an SSL Certificate on the link below & send us the login to retrieve and Install the SSL Certificate, for you.

The STANDARD SSL Certificate on the LEFT-hand side of the page is fine.

Link to purchase an SSL Certificate

Call or email us if you have questions.

*If you have an uninstalled SSL Certificate purchased,
Web312 can properly install it for you.
Just let us know.

Thank You, Web312
Office: 312.348.7244

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