Proactive Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt Your Website

As a company who has undergone website projects both large and small for several years, we at Web312 have been through different phases of web development and website trends. A couple of years ago, Web312 saw a huge shift in the amount of websites that went from being managed by developers to being managed by content writers with the assistance of Content Management Platforms and tools such as WordPress. Giving content writers the ability to publish his or her own content is a wonderful gift but with all of the power in the hands of the content developers is quite easy to forget that websites still need continuing maintenance. In fact, content managed websites need even much more than your old school static websites due to the technology that allows you to make those content changes such as with text, images and videos.

What Kind of Website Maintenance Can I Expect to Have to Make on a Content Managed Website?

This truly all depends on quite a few factors: Size of the site, level of the site, customization and on what platform the site was built. With Web312, your website will be built with WordPress custom designed by us. We believe that clients for the most part fall into two different categories. The first category would be Proactive Clients. These are companies that want to always remain up-to-date with the latest technology and updates to ensure that they always have the newest fixes, added functionality and stay out in front of network compatibility changes that could impair the website’s functionality or even worse, just bring it down entirely. The second would be considered the Reactive Clients. These clients are the type that may notice something odd in the administrative system or see an alert for an update and call to have it addressed such as calling us at Web312 to repair or even restore a website that has been hacked.

Benefits of Taking a Proactive Approach to Website Maintenance

Staying out in front of web updates to platforms and plugins while also being an investment upfront could definitely eliminate needless downtime and / or troubleshooting issues when a major change occurs. Like individuals, computers and other types of technology can get sick. There are several ways to prevent that from occurring, and it is called a maintenance contract. Once you begin to see “symptoms,” most times it may be too late, and the result could mean costly procedures to get things in tip-top shape once again. In the end, a web maintenance contract with Web312 will save you money. Maybe not immediately but almost certainly down the road in the long run.

Can I Perform My Own Web Maintenance or Should I Consider a Website Maintenance Contract?

That actually depends on the level of website customization, admin platform and what your credentials may be. Most of our clients at Web312 actually use us as their web maintenance individuals as we have developers who can get the job done right the first time in an efficient manner.

If you are looking to find out more information and our pricing or even a free consultation, please reach us by dialing 312-348-7244, emailing us at or visiting our website at and chatting live with one of our team members today.

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