Install an SSL Certificate into your existing website!

Google announces that SSL Certificates will provide a boost in search engine rankings.

Last week, Google made headlines by announcing a change in their search ranking algorithm. The internet search giant wants all websites to be in HTTPS format going forward, instead of the old HTTP. This is done by adding a SSL certificate to your existing website.

Up until now, the HTTPS format has only been required for eCommerce sites when transmitting credit card information over the internet, although Google has been encouraging more use of the format for years. What does this mean for Web312 clients? We are making this change as easy as possible for you by providing a form for you to fill out, enabling us to add an SSL certificate to your website.

Install a SSL Certificate to provide boost in rankings!

Google has said that adding this certificate will give your website a boost in the search rankings when users try to connect with your business. Although the boost will be small at first, it will be increased over time, so it makes sense to add the SSL Certificate now.

At Web312 in Chicago, we are committed to maximizing the value of your website and web presence, and helping to grow your business. We can install an SSL certificate to your existing website to comply with Google’s new policy, and give you a boost in search rankings. To get the process started you can purchase an SSL Certificate from the link below, which includes installation of 1 -hour at $100.

Buy Your SSL Here

Google Release about SSL Certificates and Supporting Articles –

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