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Fully Optimized Landing Pages – Design & Development

If you’re interested in creating custom landing pages to improve your business’s visibility, look no further than the professionals at Web312. Our Chicago, IL company is experienced with the design of fully optimized landing pages for a variety of businesses. With our help, you’ll obtain more leads and greater online exposure for your dollar.

Convert Visitors to Leads

Implementing well-designed, targeted landing pages is one of the best ways to get the most out of your online marketing efforts and expenses. Landing pages are necessary for website owners looking to turn visitors into potential customers. Talented web developers come in handy when it comes to creating locally targeted landing pages. With the help of a developer, you can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and expand your customer base considerably.

Crucial to Marketing Efforts

If you’re looking to create a marketing campaign, or already have one in full-swing, landing pages aren’t an option – they’re a necessity. Instead of your business’s homepage, visitors will be linked to your landing page via your social media campaign, Google Adwords campaign, or another avenue. When they complete the action available to them on your landing page, your visitors will become leads you can later follow-up on.

Rely on Our Team

The Chicago team at Web312 follows a comprehensive Landing Page Theory, guaranteed to boost search engine authority, reach out to potential customers, and expand your online presence. Our staff will incorporate key terms into your landing pages, rework the on-page copy writing, and add deep links to create fully optimized landing pages. In addition, you can expect no monthly fees and detailed tracking reports on your pages’ progress and performance.

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Fully Optimized Landing Pages

Over the past year, Web312 has taken great pride in developing our Landing Page Theory. Our landing pages are designed to target a specific geographic area in combination with a specific product/service. All of our landing pages are optimized for greatest search engine penetration. This will increase your web presence, as well as, the number of relevant search terms. Our geographic specific landing pages greatly increase the number of search terms your website will show results for. We accomplish this through a detailed process. Our writing staff will develop unique content that is written to target specific terms. After our one-of-a-kind content is created, we upload your new geographic specific landing page. While doing so, we also optimize the on-page copy writing for maximum search engine visibility. After we have fully implemented your new landing page, we add additional deep links to each of your landing pages to enable even further multiple search engine penetration. Finally, we will provide you with monthly tracking and progress reports that includes up-to-date ranking and performance statistics.

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Already, many of our clients have taken advantage of our new service. The geographic landing pages that we have created have proven to be supremely effective. The majority of our landing pages are showing first page search results and have drastically increased the number of sales for many of our clients. Call us today to find about more about our newly added and fully optimized landing pages.